Europe’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem: Country Rankings

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Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)  is the world’s largest study of entrepreneurial dynamics. GEM provides an annual assessment of entrepreneurial activity, aspirations, and attitudes of individuals across 73 countries, which represent 90% of the world’s GDP and 72.4% of the population. GEM’s Global Report is the result of surveys with more than 206,000 individuals and 3,936 [...]


Turkey: Opportunities in Healthcare

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With its growing population, increasing demand for healthcare services,  and the Healthcare Transformation Program, Turkey’s healthcare and life sciences industries offer great opportunities.


Hungary: The Bridge to Emerging Europe

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We are thrilled to announce that Consultist opens its new branch office in Budapest. Check out our infographic for the business opportunities in Hungary, the  fastest growing country of the European Union in 2014.


Interview with Torsten Reil, the Co-founder and CEO of NaturalMotion

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© Consultist Limited Interview by Duygu Aladag NaturalMotion is the developer of hit mobile games and a groundbreaking animation technology. The Oxford-based company creates ultra-realistic animations in games and movies using a unique software platform based on biologically modelled nervous systems. Their technology has been used in movies such as Troy and The Lord of [...]


Kino-mo successfully completed its fundraising campaign on Crowdcube

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Our client Kino-mo has successfully completed its Crowdcube campaign by raising £426.000 , 170% of its initial fundraising target. We congratulate the co-founders Art and Kiryl for this great achievement and looking forward to continue our collaboration with this exciting company. image credentials: Kino-mo Kino-mo (previously Old Bond) is the innovator of two disruptive advertising [...]


The entrepreneurial rise of Oxfordshire

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As a Consulting firm working with innovative companies, we are astonished by the entrepreneurial rise of Oxfordshire, a unique location that perfectly blends academics and science with innovation and entrepreneurship. Oxfordshire is not only a leading academic destination, but also a distinctive place where science and innovation meets entrepreneurship, with an exceptional concentration of intellectual [...]


New year interviews with innovative start-ups from the UK

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At the last post of the year, we would like to share short interviews with four innovative start-ups from the UK. We talked about their achievements in 2014, plans for 2015, and the industry trends. BRAINOMIX Brainomix is a spinout from the University of Oxford. The company develops a software to revolutionize the diagnostics of [...]


the Value of “Made in”: Global Ranking of Countries as Brands

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Future Brand: “Country of Origin is more important than ever” On its 8th annual report on the Country Branding, Future Brand ranks the countries in terms of their strength as a brand name. The study also emphasises the importance of the “Country of Origin” as a valuable asset. At this post, we would like to [...]


The IoT Companies that You Should Know

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Our previous post had an overview for the the Internet of Things. At this post, we will look at the market leaders and inspiring start-ups on the IoT. Leaving the industrial use of the IoT for an upcoming article, we will focus on three major areas:  Healthcare, Home Automation, and Smart Cities. Healthcare    The IoT has [...]


The Internet of Things in 5 questions

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzz term that we hear more frequently then ever. But what actually is the Internet of Things? Will it change our lives? We covered the basics of the IoT in 5 questions. 1)    What is the Internet of Things? In the simplest term, a wide range of ‘things’ [...]


Horizon 2020 and the SME Instrument

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The European Union has combined its research and innovation programmes under one framework,  Horizon 2020:  the biggest research and innovation programme of the EU history. At this blog post, we would like to give a general overview of the H2020 Programme, particularly its SME Instrument: the tool dedicated for the innovative SMEs. Horizon 2020 is [...]


The most liveable cities in the world

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The Economist Intelligence Unit annually assesses 140 cities around the world, and ranks the cities providing the best and the worst living conditions. Each city is given scores from 0 to 100, as result of an evaluation covering over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. [...]


Top 10 Turkish industries that attract the highest number of UK enterprises

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According to the data provided by the Ministry of Economy, there are 2706 UK-origin businesses in Turkey.  Real estate, Wholesale and Construction are the areas with the highest number of  UK-origin enterprises. The top-10 is listed as follows:


A Guide to Turkey’s Investment Incentive System

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  This article aims to provide a straightforward outline for Turkey’s Investment Incentive System, which offers various opportunities for foreign and domestic investors. The system aims to boost technology transfer, increase the investment at less developed regions, promote clustering activities, and decrease the import dependency at strategic sectors. Before going into any details, let us [...]



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