Kino-mo successfully completed its fundraising campaign on Crowdcube

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Our client Kino-mo has successfully completed its Crowdcube campaign by raising £426.000 , 170% of its initial fundraising target. We congratulate the co-founders Art and Kiryl for this great achievement and looking forward to continue our collaboration with this exciting company.

image credentials: Kino-mo

Kino-mo (previously Old Bond) is the innovator of two disruptive advertising platforms: Kino-mo Bikes and Transparent 3D displays.

Kino-mo is offering a unique advertising platform where moving 3D images can be projected on bike wheels. Aston Martin, Intel, Samsung and BNP Paribas are some of the companies who already used Kino-mo Bikes.

The second product Kino-mo develops is a LED-based transparent system that enables 3D images and videos to float in the air, both indoors and outdoors.

image credentials: Kino-mo

For further information on the company please do not hesitate to contact us.

Watch Kino-mo’s investment pitch:


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