New year interviews with innovative start-ups from the UK

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At the last post of the year, we would like to share short interviews with four innovative start-ups from the UK. We talked about their achievements in 2014, plans for 2015, and the industry trends.


Brainomix is a spinout from the University of Oxford. The company develops a software to revolutionize the diagnostics of stroke- the primary cause of disability and the third leading cause of death worldwide. The software automatically interprets the CT scan images, and delivers reliable diagnostics.

Interview with Dr Michalis Papadakis,  the CEO of  Brainomix Limited

C: How was 2014 for Brainomix?

MP: 2014 was a very successful year for Brainomix. We have built a strong team, which has resulted in developing our core technology, the medical imaging software e-ASPECTS. We also secured £1.2 million investment to commercially launch e-ASPECTS, received additional funding by Horizon 2020 to extend its functionality, and won a pan-European competition for University start-ups.

C: What are your plans for 2015?

MP: We are planning to build on our success and expect in 2015 to get positive results for e-ASPECTS from our clinical study so we can have a CE marked software, which can be used in clinical practise. As we will be commercially launching e-ASPECTS in UK and Germany, 2015 is a very important year for us.

C: What will be the driving dynamics of the healthcare industry in 2015?

MP: As healthcare needs are increasing although budget restraints become tighter, in 2015, the driving dynamics would be demonstrating cost-effectiveness on med-tech technologies using strong health economic evidence. 

Lightpoint Medical

Lightpoint Medical is the innovator of a revolutionary imaging technology that can detect cancer during surgery. Real time imaging will help surgeons to detect and remove cancerous tissue, which would prevent the need of repeating operations.

Interview with Dr. David Tuch, the Founder and CEO 

C: How was 2014 for Lightpoint Medical ?

DT: 2014 was an incredible year for Lightpoint. We acquired our first clinical data in breast cancer surgery with very encouraging results. We also closed a £2m Series A round and received a £950k contract from NHS England. These funds will let us bring our 2 lead products to the US and EU markets.

C: What are your plans for 2015?

DT: 2015 promises to be a transformative year for Lightpoint. We will launch our products in US and EU and report our clinical trial results. We are now building our marketing and sales operations in support of our commercial launch. We are looking forward to bringing our innovative products into the market and clinic.

C: What do you think about the driving dynamics of the healthcare industry in 2015?

DT: The healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation from procedure-based reimbursement to outcome-based reimbursement. Importantly, many markets including the US are imposing financial penalties or incentives to improve the quality of cancer surgery. This plays extremely well to Lightpoint’s proposition where we can substantially reduce costs as well as improve patient outcomes.


Libertine is the developer of novel linear generator and free piston power systems that enables small generators to produce more power and waste less heat. The technology is applicable in small-scale renewables, low emission vehicles, and waste heat recovery.

Interview with Sam Cockerill, the Chief Executive of Libertine

C: How would you summarize 2014?

SC: 2014 was a very successful year for Libertine. We have raised  £580k equity funding this year, and had £2 million equity and grant funding to date.

We established our offices and technical team in Oxford. We had further multiple patent grants, with grants in 5 of 6 patent families.

Completed first prototype testing, and finished our second prototype design; which will be installed in Brighton in 2015. We have passed all investor milestones.

Initiated a 20kWe heat-to power pre-commercial demonstration programme, which will be completed in 2015. We also had terms agreed for Libertine’s first sale into a university research application.

C: What are your plans for 2015?

SC:We aim to raise a further investment of £250-300k. We will be developing our first research engine and resell this in the UK&Asia.

We will also install a 20kWe heat to power system at a UK water treatment site, and will be working on the development of the further unit sales, which will be delivered in  2016.

C: What will be the driving dynamics of your industry in 2015?

SC: High fuel prices and energy costs have been the major drivers for near term adoption. However, they are being replaced with security/continuity considerations and the need for power in off-grid situations with lower capital cost and better operation and maintenance.

Another trend is the emergence of multiple enablers of distributed power systems, including supply/demand response technologies. You can read a related article here.


Marcela’s offer award winning range of authentic, gluten free, premium Mexican food. Founded in 2014, the company has introduced the UK’s first baked-not fried tortilla chips. The company supports Fair Trade, Non-GM farming and sourcing, which are considered as core attributes to the brand.

Interview with Marcela Flores, Founder of Marcela’s

C: How would you summarize 2014?

MF: 2014 has been a year of transition, development and lots of  learning. I’ve developed a new range of healthier, more authentic snack products which will be made in Mexico, and the learning curve on  what it means to import a product has been steep, but really exciting  too.

C: What are your plans for 2015?

MF: In 2015, I will launch my snacks in February-March in the context of a category growth plan with our retail partners Booths Supermarkets and Whole Foods Market; always keeping a close eye on customer feedback and marketing channels to deliver best return on investment.

C: What will be the driving dynamics of your industry in 2015?

MF: Consumers are so much more savvy and are looking for good value (which doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest!) brands which deliver a great, healthier, more sustainable products.

We hope that you have enjoyed our posts in 2014.

As Consultist Team, we wish you a festive holiday season, and a happy new year full of health and success. 


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