Who we are

We are an international company that provides consultancy on exports and business development to new and expanding companies in the international scale. Our team is comprised of dynamic individuals who have conducted business in a diverse selection of European countries and hold MBA or PhD degrees from institutions that provide the highest standards of education. We have offices in several major European cities, where we continuously work towards broadening our international network through partnerships with local consulting companies, investors, professionals and academics specializing in a variety of fields.

Our mission is to maximize the benefits of our clients by delivering highly customized service and producing tailored solutions through meetings, proposals and contracts based on value pricing. We assist our clients to achieve their goals and objectives in new markets using the latest tools provided to us by highest standards of education, years of field experience and a wide knowledge network.

We base our corporate future on three values.

  • Transparency

  • Ethics

  • Innovation

We champion ethical business practices and are strong proponents of transparency at every point of any business arrangement and communication. We recognize the necessity of continuous innovation for a better community and acknowledge the benefits and risks involved in its successful management. We foresee our long-term focus to be in sectors of high technology, energy and bioscience.